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In celebration of Clara Luper's 100th birthday and the 65th anniversary of the sit-ins at Katz drugstore and in collaboration with Oklahoma City Public Schools and the Clara Luper Legacy Committee, Restorative Justice Institute of Oklahoma (RJIOK) held the Clara Luper Summer 2023 Teacher Institute. Oklahoma City Public School teachers had priority for this first iteration of the Institute. They learned the history and methodology of Clara Luper's legacy in and out of the classroom. 

Topics included:

  • This history of Clara Luper

  • The methodology and civic engagement of Clara Luper

  • Non-violence as a change strategy

  • Navigating difficult conversations

  • Expecting excellence

  • Student Engagement

  • State Standards and lesson building





Dr. Karlos K. Hill is an author and community engaged scholar, who brings historical perspective to difficult racial events that impact the Black experience and our culture today. As a speaker, teacher, and leader, Dr. Hill shares insight into the history of race and racism to not only encourage hard conversations but to empower and uplift communities who are seeking and creating lasting change. Dr. Hill is the author of three groundbreaking books: Beyond The Rope: The Impact of Lynching on Black Culture and Memory, The Murder of Emmett Till: A Graphic History, and The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre: A Photographic History. Dr. Hill founded the Tulsa Race Massacre Oklahoma Teachers Summer Institute to teach the history of the 1921 Race Massacre to thousands of middle school and high school students. Dr. Hill also serves on the Board of Scholars for Facing History and Ourselves, and is actively engaged on other community initiatives working toward racial reconciliation and repair. 

Rev. Tamara Lebak is an educator, curriculum designer, master facilitator, IFS-informed restorative practitioner, ICF Certified coach, minister, mother, wife, author, singer-songwriter and backyard chicken farmer. Tamara is currently working on her Doctorate at Phillips Theological Seminary where she is exploring the impact of understanding multiplicity of mind on the connection to self and other. She has served as an intern chaplain at Stateville Maximum Security Men's Prison, Dick Conner Correctional Facility, and  the University of Chicago Hospitals and is the Current Resident Chaplain of the Terence Crutcher Foundation. Tamara is the founder of the Restorative Justice Institute of Oklahoma where she teaches leaders to work with resistance, adapt to circumstances without losing their identity, and lift up voices that might otherwise go unheard at every level of system. Tamara creates an open and affirming healing space for people to experience that they are not the worst thing they have ever done nor the worst thing that has ever happened to them.

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