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The holiday that honors Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was met with celebrants from throughout the Oklahoma City metropolitan area on Monday as residents held marches, a parade, speech-making, and other events.

The weather favored them.

At 9 a.m., gathered at the future site of the Freedom Center and Clara Luper Civil Rights Center, a group joined together in appreciation of King while reflecting on progress made for equality but also recognizing the continued call for action...

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Join us for the anniversary of the sit-in movement




The Clara Luper Legacy Committee is hosting the re-enactment of the Katz Sit-in.

On August 19, 1958, Clara Luper with thirteen children from the NAACP Youth Council went down to Katz Drug Store in Oklahoma City. This particular drug store would not serve Blacks at the lunch counter. Clara and the children walked in, sat down at the counter, and ordered thirteen Cokes.

They were refused service.

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Full schedule of the Freedom Fiesta events!!

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The story of Oklahoma City's leading civil rights activist


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Marilyn Luper Hildreth

In order to understand where we are going, we must understand where we have been.  It is our responsibility to tell the story of the Oklahoma civil rights movement. My mother, Clara Luper, loved and was totally involved in her community. She believed all children could learn and referred to them as her diamonds. She always dreamed of a better day. And would say to us, "I want you to go to places I have never been and dream dreams I have never had." I would often ask her after a demonstration when people would spit on us, kick us, laugh, and call us names, "Do I have to love these people?"  She would say, "You have no choice. You must love your enemies as you love yourself."

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The Clara Luper Legacy Committee works to support the sit-in and civil rights movement, Oklahoma, and the nation. 

We are here to educate and
to keep the story of educator and activist, Clara Luper, alive.